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Jesse and Comfort Quapourlee



















 Click HERE to view the national missionaries serving in Liberia under Pastor Jesse. 


Rithy & Kristie Reville Ty

Rithy, a local Cambodian, grew up in a poor, broken family where Jesus was not believed in. His family were buddhists, and all he knew was that Jesus was the "Western God". As an adolescent, he grew up with bitterness and turned towards the gang life in the village which included fights, gambling, smoking and drinking. It came to the point that he realized if he continued in this way, he would only have three choices: to run away, or be thrown in jail, or attacked like his friends were by other gangs. In this time of his life, he fell on his knees and cried out, "if there is a true God, please reveal yourself to me and give me a new start." Soon after, his life completely changed. He was met by love like he had never known and gave his life to Christ in September of 2009.  After desiring a successful life, a moment came when the Lord revealed that HE had a plan for Rithy. He was going to send Rithy back to places that God had rescued him from. God revealed that ALL things were made BY God and FOR God (Colossians 1:16).Rithy has been working for us since September of 2018 and now serves as our Director of Cambodia along side his wife, Kristie. 

Kristie grew up in the state of Georgia where church was just as much apart of life as eating was. She saw God as this person way far off who only judged and condemned her for not living up to His measures. Her family life was a bit broken due to drugs and alcohol addictions from her immediate family. A moment came in July of 2009 when God revealed that He is the God of love, not condemnation. He is close, not far away. She turned to Him and He changed her life from seeking identity in all the wrong places. When she was sixteen years old, the Lord spoke to her in a worship service revealing that He plans for her to be all things to all people for the sake of the Gospel. She knew He was telling her that He was going to send her out to the nations. Kristie has been serving in Cambodia since January 2017. 

Rithy and Kristie met in October of 2017 when Rithy was her language school teacher, They  eventually wed in January of 2020 and now are a family of three with the addition of their son, Rithy Zebedee Ty.  


Pastor Russell and Sheila Davis


 My wife and I,with our two youngest children, will be leaving on January 19, 2022 to begin the calling of God on our lives to minister in the Dominican Republic. I have been pastoring Georgia Baptist churches for over 20 years. We retired from Parkway Baptist Church in June 2021 from the senior pastor role after serving for over 12 years. A few years ago, we began taking short term mission trips to the DR to help in the ministry of Holt’s House of Hope. We fell in love with the people of the DR and the children that God is rescuing through the power of the gospel. Our plans are to help move beyond The children’s outreach and focus on families of these children and to help establish a church. Russell will be discipling the young men that God raises up to pastor. We will be ministering to the community at large in Boca Chica. There are many unknowns as to the specifics of what God is calling us to but we trust God and cannot wait for this new adventure for the cause of Christ to begin. We appreciate all the prayers and support of family and friends while we depend on Christ to meet our every need.

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