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Sustainable Projects & Humanitarian Efforts  

In addition to sharing the Gospel and training up leaders, we also try to meet the needs of those in our communities - believers and unbelievers - through various efforts. 

Cows for a Cause

We purchase a cow or set of cows. We place those cows at one of the believers home to look after daily by providing food and water while we pay for any medical needs. The food and water come at no cost since the believers have hay/grass already. When that cow has a baby, the baby will belong to the family looking after the cow, then the second baby that is born to that same cow will belong to us; alternating every time the cow gives birth. This is is how it works in Cambodia. Our personal herd grows, so that we can place cows at other believers homes. At the same time, the believer looking after our personal cow has their own herd growing. It is an investment/inheritance that the believers can use at anytime. They have the choice to either raise their own calf to have babies or sell their cows at a proper age for its meat producing a significant income. 


Rice and Veggie Gardens

To help the widows and poor of the churches, we raise money to help plant vegetable gardens and distribute rice as needed among the communities.

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 Fish Ponds & Chicken Farms

In an effort to help the raising up leaders, we have put in fish ponds and micro chicken farms that the family can live off of either by selling or eating the meats themselves. 

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