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Conquering Cambodia for Christ because more than 95 percent of Cambodia’s population have not been reached or  have yet to believe in Jesus Christ.

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Planting Churches

From 2019 until now, the Lord has graciously allowed us to partner with and start new house churches throughout Cambodia. Evangelizing with the lost, forming firm foundations with believers and then training up leaders. 

Raising Up Leaders

Our aim is to see leaders rise up among the house church plants that can take over shepherding the believers in time, so that we can continue to reach out to new, unreached places. 

Sustainable Programs

Cambodia is a developing country where earning a living is hard to come by. We have implemented some sustainable projects to benefit the believers and rising up leaders.

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Cambodia suffered in a horrible genocide that killed up to three million people over the course of four years. The genocide completely changed the culture of this once thriving nation. During the time of the genocide, the Gospel started to be spread throughout the refugee camps and continue on today.

With only 2.7% of the population professing to believe in Jesus, the Ty family's main goal is to reach the villages through relationships to evangelize, disciple, and train up faithful leaders of the Gospel.  We are currently in three main villages weekly in the Siem Reap Province in addition to participating in local Bible school. 


We are actively planning to reach more villages to plant churches once these three village home churches are established and leaders take over. 

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