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Church Planting and Evangelism

We seek to fulfill the commandments of the Word that tell us to share the Gospel, baptize them, and train them up in the knowledge of our God.

We do this by: 

1. the evangelization of inhabitants of the unreached rural and urban communities of Liberia.

2. Training and sending local missionaries on the gospel field both internally and externally

3. Partnering with individuals and churches of like-faith to train, send, and support local missionaries out for evangelism and planting of healthy Bible-believing churches; also, to construct modest church buildings in most needed communities.

4. Seeking and meeting transportation needs of missionaries serving in remote rural communities

5. Rendering minimum monthly financial support to local missionaries 

And because we have faithfully focused on the implementation of these fundamental objectives and strategies, the Spirit of God is leaving no stone unturned in advancing the gospel through our ministries. And this is why we actively remain supportive to 14  local churches which have already been established through some of our deacons and student/pastors over the past 12 years.


In addition, we have a radio ministry. Through God's grace, we are able to bring expository biblical teachings to the hearings of a wider audience in 14 of the 15 counties of Liberia. The program is heard on two local radio stations has led many sinners to the way of Salvation through Christ, and many have professed faith in Christ as their Lord and Savior.

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